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Influence of Different Play Therapies to the Hostile Adolescents of North Signal Village Taguig City

EasyChair Preprint no. 11286

81 pagesDate: November 13, 2023


One of the issues in the Philippines nowadays is the hostile attitude of the adolescents towards their parents and their unfriendly treatment towards their colleagues. The adolescent stage is the phase wherein they get to experience their “firsts” in life. It is also the phase wherein their thoughts are already fully developed and they are now aware of the situations they are into. The environment is one of the factors that contribute to their behaviors which includes their family, friends, and the situations they are currently experiencing. The researchers believe that play therapy is one of the effective approach in reducing hostility among individuals. Through play therapy, individuals are able to express their repressed thoughts and emotions. Experimental methods of research was used in this study. This study is experimental because two sets of subjects (experimental and control) will be compared in terms of hostility scale scores. Pretest and Posttest scores of the subjects will be compared. Quantitative methods shall be observed as the researchers will elicit numerical data from the respondents through hostility scale questionnaire. Results have shown that the adolescents who did not have yet play therapy were assessed to have high levels of hostility compared with those adolescents who have had play therapy. Moreover, findings have shown that the play therapy had a significant contribution to lessen or decrease the hostility of the adolescents. In conclusion, Hostile adolescents had the capacity to control and inhibit their aggressive behavior with the aid of encouraging and collaborative type of techniques like play therapy. Play was helpful in releasing the tension of the disturbed adolecents.

Keyphrases: aggression, Hostile Adolescents, play therapy

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