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Modified Cassava Flour Utilazion As A Wheat Flour Subsitution In Chochochip Cookies

EasyChair Preprint no. 564

8 pagesDate: October 7, 2018


The purpose of this study was to obtain cookies from cassava as a local food ingredient to support food security. Cassava is used for substitution of the main ingredients of chocochip cookies. During this time cassava flour has a low substitution rate so it was developed into a modified cassava flour (mocaf). Mocaf is made from fresh cassava which is coarse grated so that the shape is like chopped, in Bali it is called cacah. Then the cacah soaked with the addition of a starter for 30-48 hours, dried, and tipped. Mocaf has characteristics similar to wheat flour, but the protein and water content is very low. This experimental research was carried out in the laboratory of Boga with descriptive analysis.

The results obtained the formula mocaf chocochip cookies, showing (a) the use of 100% mocaf as the main ingredient is  less than wheat flour, because the water content is low. The addition of egg white to be crunchy, but not easily broken, because the protein is low. (b) according to cookies criteria, namely crispness; flavorful cookies; flavorful mocaf; fine grains; dry and not sluggish; sweet; taste of cookies; shaped drop; bright brown color; maturity of cookies accordingly. (c) Community acceptance of mocaf products with a value of 2.51, which means that people really like mocaf chocochip cookies. Very fond of the taste of cookies, while the aroma of cassava (cassava) between less like and like. This finding will have implications for the use of mocaf as a substitute for wheat flour to make quality chocochip cookies using cassava as local food.

Keyphrases: Cassava, chocochip, local food, mocaf

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