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Associate Intensification Approach in the Jet Engine Burner

EasyChair Preprint no. 5781

14 pagesDate: June 12, 2021


Burning is one of the indispensable interactions in the power age framework as is the combustor in a Gas      Turbine. The per-execution of combustor greatly affects the proficiency of the cycle, subsequently, combustor has consistently been on the prime concentration for scientists to improve the effectiveness of gas turbines. This paper presents the improvement of the ignition chamber proficiency inferable from blending by changing the fuel outlet cross-area i.e., by keeping it square, pentagon, and hexagon. Estimations of centerline speed comparing Mach number 0.2. to 0.35, and comparative estimations were done for all cross-part of fuel infusion outlet at Mach number 0.2,0.25,0.35,0.35 for square, pentagon, and hexagon.  The efficiency for square is 51.81%,56.46%,56.52%,57.31% and for pentagon 58.52%,59.13%,60.1%,61% and lastly for hexagon is 53.4%,60.795%,61.889%, 62.8% respectively. It was found that maximum efficiency was achieved by employing a hexagon cross-section of the injector since it has several contact points with the incoming air, which in turn enhances the mixing property.

Keyphrases: combustion chamber, fuel injector, Mach number etc.

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