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Understanding Design’S Role in Bridging Divides Towards Sustainability Transitions

EasyChair Preprint no. 4064

16 pagesDate: August 20, 2020


Society is currently facing significant and persistent “wicked” challenges undermining the sustainability of social and natural systems alike. The call for radical transformations that may result in ecological, infrastructural and societal regime shifts to more desirable system configurations, challenges researchers to transcend disciplinary and epistemological divides and embrace new knowledges and skills. Design, although emerging as an integrative, explorative and pragmatic discipline with the capability to support different transition pathways, has not been fully engaged on a symmetrical level by scholars from other fields. This work will seek to outline an initial framework to help articulate the potential role of design in interdisciplinary research teams working towards sustainability and resilience under the framing of socio-technical-ecological systems. To better communicate and expand the argument, the conceptual model is materialized in a series of graphics.

Keyphrases: Design, Resilience, transdisciplinarity, transformations, transitions

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