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Problems and Considerations of Sensor C2 in a Future Operational Environment

EasyChair Preprint no. 4512

11 pagesDate: November 6, 2020


The development of ballistic missiles, more effective cruise missiles, and increased sensor capabilities imply both new capabilities and challenges in a future operational environment. One effect this has is that the time from detection of a threat, to being able to respond, and to act on it will be significantly reduced. This article illuminates some current and future threats that are emerging and will be part of an increasingly complex battle space. The purpose of the research is to test and evaluate different C2 solutions for future ISR. The benefit of the proposed research is that it can provide design propositions for future ISR systems and its C2 function. In addition, the research may support design and acquisition of future automated systems and AI. Framing a conceivable development of a future battlefield and its character is important to obtain sufficient realism under the conditions that the proposed experimental series is intended to test. For the experimental series, the microworld C3Fire is currently under consideration as a platform for the trials. This, among other things, for its good configuration possibilities and being able to create reliable experimental conditions.

Keyphrases: C3Fire, Defence, experiment, hypersonic, ISR, Missiles, Sensor C2, Supersonic

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