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Upcoming Power Crisis in India – Increasing Electricity Demand

EasyChair Preprint no. 927

5 pagesDate: April 25, 2019


In this world of modernization every country tries to increase their domestic production in order to increase GDP. India is one of them, in order to improve their economy with the help of make in India and similar schemes. In this development process, India is committed to sustainable development and minimal use of conventional energy resources. In order to reduce CO2and CFC emission India started to reduce fossil fuel dependency. It tries to convert their fossil fuel system into regenerative and renewable sources. India begins to install Solar and Wind power plants of huge capacity instead of their conventional thermal and nuclear power plants. With the emergence of new technologies such as Wireless charging systems, Electric Vehicles, Smart systems such as Smart Grid and Wireless Communication systems such as Internet of things (IoT). But here one thing is notable that due to these systems power consumption also increases, due to their heavy power ratings and lower efficiencies in case of Wireless systems (Charging and Communication). In 2018 India is closest to power demand and its supply but not greater or equal to the power demanded. India has announced that power production is surplus in current scenario. But due to introduction of these above systems lead to immense increase in power demand. 

Keyphrases: CFC, GDP, Smart Grid

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