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The ZhangJiHuai Railway project – The use of a new innovative system for scanning in a drill & blast excavation

EasyChair Preprint no. 1804

4 pagesDate: October 31, 2019


On December 18th , 2016, Zhang Jihuai Railway project officially started construction. As an early start-up section and a key control project, the 12.162 km long Jishou Tunnel took the lead in introducing a three-dimensional laser scanning system, which is currently state of the art in this innovative tunnel measuring system applied in China.. The system is a set of data acquisition and processing system for tunnel measurement using three-dimensional laser scanner. It provides document management and analysis services for tunnel construction, and constitutes the most professional and powerful system in the tunnel measurement market. The principle is to use a 3D laser scanner to measure three-dimensional spatial data of terrain or complex objects in the form of an array of point clouds through a non-contact high-speed laser scanning system. The measurements are performed with aa system of high-precision, high-density data and image data. The system plays an important role in tunnel over-excavation control measurements, shotcrete thickness measurements, shotcrete smoothness detections, tunnel irregularities such as cracks, water ingress, scaleing, damage detection and lining intrusion detection. This paper introduces the background of the project and the application of 3D laser scanning system in the project. It has certain reference significance for the construction of tunnels in China and abroad and the application of tunnel laser scanning technology.

Keyphrases: high density, high precision, Scanning System, smoothness, tunnel

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