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The Geochemical Properties of Volcanic Materials: After a Year Mt. Sinabung Eruption

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12 pagesDate: September 25, 2021


Indonesia has many active volcanoes, one of which is Mt. Sinabung in Karo Regency, North Sumatra. Pyroclastic material from volcanoes can provide the nutrients that plants need for the future in varying content amounts. This study aims to identify the chemical properties of Mt. Sinabung ash after the 2019 eruption. A total of 22 ash samples were scattered in the east, southeast, and south sectors within a radius of 3-5 km from the peak of the eruption (research area of 1,676.29 hectares). Samples were analyzed to determine ash pH, available P, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and exchanged base cations of Ca, Mg, K, and Na from volcanic ash. The results showed the Mt. Sinabung volcanic ash had an average value of ash pH (H2O) was classified as acidic (5.36) in the east, slightly acidic in the southeast (6.06), and south (6.27). The average value of available P in all sectors is very high, while the CEC is still low. In the southeast, east and south sectors, respectively, available P values are 35.00, 59.37, and 165.96 mg kg-1, and CEC: 12.92, 14.46, and 15.46 cmolc kg-1. The base cations in this study were Mg > Na > K > Ca classified as very high and very low. The discriminant analysis results showed the chemical properties of volcanic ash in the southeast sector are different from the southern sector, while the eastern sector has similarities in the south sector.

Keyphrases: Nutrient Reserves, Tephra, Volcanic Ash Chemistry

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