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Modeling, Increasing Efficiency and Production Capacity in Melamine Dish Production Line

EasyChair Preprint no. 4652, version 2

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5 pagesDate: February 1, 2021


This research aims to study the working process of the Melamine dish production to increase the quantity of products and the quality of the working process. The experiment initially started by decreasing the employees in the production department, and then developed the new working plan leading to an effective working flow. The data was collected by counting the time of each production process. And then, the data was analyzed to find the problems and solutions in line balancing and production process by Flexsim software. The researchers proposed three alternatives: the first option was selecting a foil that has good properties, the second option was adding an oven to deduct the waiting time and to increase yield, and the third option was adding machines for extrusion. The simulation model was created to investigate the possibilities of the solution (3 hypothesis): it was analyzed by Flexsim. The result revealed that the first alternative is the most suitable since the number of the products is higher than other alternatives without adding equipment and machines. In the second option, the number of production capacity is hardly increasing. Although the third alternative can increase the production capacity effectively, but it requires a huge investment.

Keyphrases: Flexsim, improvement, increasing efficiency

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