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Preggy Care Android Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 12587

8 pagesDate: March 18, 2024


This comprehensive eHealth application is a groundbreaking initiative centered on smartphone- based devices and communication systems. Its primary objective is to provide essential support to pregnant women, ensuring optimal prenatal care and ultimately leading to improved birth outcomes.The motivation behind this project stems from the recognition of the challenges faced by pregnant women during their 9-months journey. All too often, these challenges arise from issues such as informed decision-making, access to proper nutrition, a reliable transportation system, access to knowledgeable guidance, and a dependable nursing network. These fundamental needs should be consistently available to pregnant women throughout their pregnancy journey. Our application seeks to address these challenges systematically and comprehensively.The core focus of this application is to strengthen the communication channels between healthcare professionals and pregnant women while concurrently enhancing education, awareness, and the overall quality of care during pregnancy and childbirth. By providing a centralized platform, our application empowers pregnant women to access vital information and healthcare services seamlessly.With this eHealth application, we aspire to make pregnancy a safer, more informed, and ultimately more joyous experience for women around the world.

Keyphrases: centralized platform, communication, Education, eHealth application, Groundbreaking, Healthcare services, Initiative, maternal health, Pregnancy, prenatal care, quality of care, reliable transportation system

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