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A Deep Learning Approach to Detect Lumpy Skin Disease in Cows

EasyChair Preprint no. 2795

5 pagesDate: February 28, 2020


 Disease in animals is now a common problem. There are several types of disease in animals so the identification of disease is important and diagnosis will be done at a timely pace. Lumpy skin disease in cows is caused by a virus called Neethling. By the affection of these diseases the cattles permanent damage to their skin. The disease often results in reduce milk projection, infertility, poor growth, abortion and sometimes death. We have developed an architecture using machine learning techniques to propose the disease or detect the disease. This framework developed using tools like VGG-16 , VGG-19 and Inception-v3 for extracting the features. The work is tested on our dataset and is measured with other advanced methodology kNN, SVM, NB, ANN and LR which results in considerable performance in extraction of features.

Keyphrases: Dataset Collection, deep learning, feature extraction, Lumpy skin disease

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