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Design & Analysis of a Combined Power Go-Kart

EasyChair Preprint no. 6945

62 pagesDate: October 30, 2021


GO-KART is a simple, light-weight vehicle used for commercial and racing purposes. Commercial karts are usually powered by a 4-stroke engine or by an electric motor whereas racing karts usually employ 2-stroke engine. Most of them are single-seated, but two-seaters are equally prevalent. Chassis or the supportive framework is considered as the most important component in this design as the whole load has to be carried by the chassis. The track could be indoor type or outdoor type. The paper aims at design and analysis of a combined-power go-kart keeping in mind various safety issues. Modelling which includes part design and assembly is performed using commercial software SOLIDWORKS and ANSYS is used for analysis purpose.  Go-karts are usually raced on level and smooth ground with no obstructions (viz. speed breakers). Go-kart industry has grown to be a prolific one in USA, JAPAN and EUROPE.

                                              In this work an attempt has been made to provide a prototype of a modern day GO-KART which can run on both conventional fuels such as gasoline as well as on non-conventional energy sources such as solar energy. The principle of FEM (finite element method) has been used for the purpose of finding and solving potential structural or performance issues. Design also aims at driver safety and inducing less harm to the environment amongst others. The vehicle has been designed such that it can carry a weight of about 80 to 90 kilograms. Chassis frame is tubular in cross-section and made up of 6063-T6 (tempered) aluminium alloy. The results have been presented in the form of stress and deformation contours. All the probable analysis based on impact testing, torsion testing and dynamic testing have been carried out to safeguard the vehicle against any probable damage.

Keyphrases: analysis, assembly, Design, finite element method, modelling, solar energy

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