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Fuzzy Logic Model to Assess Desertification Intensity Based on Vulnerability Indices

EasyChair Preprint no. 3404

18 pagesDate: May 15, 2020


Executive practices on desertification control should be based on the recognition of the current desertification state and its severity. So, it's essential to assess the ways which can give zoning based on logic, active principles, and theoretical foundation for the management of desert regions. For this aim 30 effective indices on desertification were determined in two human and natural sections. The significance of indices relative to each other and also the importance of each index per work unit was determined using the Delphi method. The bonissone method in the framework of the Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making (FMADM) method was used to combine indices and determine desertification intensity in each working unit. Then data were converted to the Fuzzy layer using Chen and Wang method, and Fuzzy analysis was performed on data. Finally, Fuzzy data were changed to non-Fuzzy, and desertification intensity was estimated. The results showed that 9.35% of the study area was in a very high class regarding desertification intensity and 9.36% of the region was in relatively high class. Desertification with moderate intensity (50.64%) and relatively moderate intensity (29.45%) had the most shares in the study area respectively. Also, the quantitative value of desertification potential in the whole area, from all of the components was obtained as 0.083, relatively high. This study shows efficiency and ease of Fuzzy logic application for assessing desertification intensity. The results provide the possibility of planning to minimize desertification due to the development projects implementation and also can create a balance between the development plans and environment according to the priorities and vulnerability desertification zoning.

Keyphrases: Bonissone method, Fuzzy Logic, MADM, Vulnerability, Zoning.

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