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Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregates by Demolished Concrete

EasyChair Preprint no. 3065

5 pagesDate: March 29, 2020


Concrete is the main component of construction. Concrete comprises cement, fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, and water, the straightforward access to those construction resources has little question boosted the development throughout the planet. But the rapid depletion of those resources and therefore the increasing cost is emerging as an attention-seeking issue, thanks to which construction industries face crises for the straightforward availability of those resources but we might wish to make prime emphasis on coarse aggregate as our research moves that way. this is often the rationale why various alternatives are being adopted to counter this problem like reuse and recycling of construction waste. So, keeping all the facets in our mind we start with our project of reuse of recycled demolished concrete. during this project, we replaced coarse aggregates with the demolished concrete within the range 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% using M25 grade concrete. The prepared concrete mix is compared and would be tested in terms of compressive strength, workability test, etc. to standard concrete. The test is going to be performed at 7,14 and 28 days to gauge the strength properties.

Keyphrases: Keywords compressive strength, Recycled demolished concrete, Slump Cone test

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