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Evolution of Behavioral Research on E-Waste Management: Conceptual Framework and Future Research Directions

EasyChair Preprint no. 9860

17 pagesDate: March 11, 2023


Electronic waste the fastest-growing solid waste stream has evolved as a domain drawing substantial attention among scholars. Particularly, research in the field of behavioral studies is on the rise. While reviews on e-waste have proliferated, a paucity prevails on WEEE-behavioral review studies. Thus, this study aims to perform a bibliometric review study on WEEE-behavioral research in two phases combining both 1) bibliometric and 2) content analysis to provide a systematic and holistic review. First, bibliometric analysis was done using VOSviewer and Biblioshiny (R package) on a sample of initial 293 articles combining SCOPUS and WOS databases. The bibliometric part initially determines the evolution of WEEE-behavioral research, most productive nations, journals, themes, and clusters via bibliographic coupling-based network analysis, co-occurrence, co-citation analysis, Sankey diagram, impact analysis with global and local citation, etc. Second, content analysis has been done with 41 relevant articles that are able to answer the research questions. Hence, in terms of findings from the bibliometric and content analysis, this study presents 1) the evolution of the WEEE-behavioral domain via bibliometric analysis 2) underlying main research streams with a framework, and 3) avenue of future research with a robust conceptual model to hypothesize.

Keyphrases: bibliometric analysis, content analysis, E-waste management, thematic mapping, WEEE behavioral research

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