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Design and Implementation of Air Quality Monitoring System Using FPGA

EasyChair Preprint no. 11683

6 pagesDate: January 4, 2024


The air quality is really bad these days. Recently, smoke, dust, toxins from companies, and vehicle emissions have all become commonplace. That explains why the air quality is so contaminated right now.Human health is significantly effected by air pollution, particularly in areas of the body where breathing occurs.Air pollution affects people’s health and well-being as well as the environment, making it a significant global problem.In this work, we developed an air quality monitoring system that uses a field programmable gate array, or FPGA, to monitor gases such as particulate matter,carbon monoxide,nitrogen dioxide,sulphur dioxide by integrating a variety of sensors onto a single chip. Understanding and reducing the harmful impacts of pollution need air quality is to be monitored regularly. The suggested Air Quality Monitoring System is a flexible and effective monitoring solution that makes use of FPGA technology. FPGAs provide features like flexible hardware design, low power consumption and excellent performance. The suggested system incorporates sensors to deliver real-time data, which is essential for precisely evaluating air quality.The moto of this project is to create an indoor and outdoor, industrial zone and metropolitan area air quality monitoring system that is scalable and reliable. Our system’s FPGA-based architecture guarantees quick data processing, analysis, and acquisition. It makes effective use of parallel processing capabilities to manage several sensors at once, enabling the prompt identification of anomalies in the quality of the air. In conclusion, a reliable and adaptable method for monitoring air quality is provided by the Implementing the device for monitoring the air quality. By utilizing FPGA technology, this system provides real time data, scalability, and adaptability to address the critical issue of air pollution and contribute to efforts in improving air quality and public health.

Keyphrases: ADC, AQI, FPGA, Sensors, Zynq-7000 SoC

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