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Study of Yogya Princess Wedding Clothes

EasyChair Preprint no. 2396

4 pagesDate: January 17, 2020


The research will be conducted for one year located in Jakarta. The purpose of this research is to study the Yogya Putri Wedding Dress. Include; Type of Clothing, Material Color, Silhouette Type, Material Type, Complementary Clothing, and Accessories that are used in a standard manner and their meaning.

In this study, researchers used a qualitative research method approach in examining the meaning and symbols of the Yogya Putri Wedding dress. The interview was developed as a main instrument for finding data tailored to the type of data and good communication with the informant. The interview technique used is a structured interview, where the questions to be asked have been determined in advance by the researcher.

Through this research, it is expected to be able to understand the traditional values ​​of the symbolic meaning of the Yogya Putri Wedding Dress. It is also expected to be used as a reference for Vocational Education in Fashion Design and Fashion Trading as candidates for traditional bridal fashion stylists. This study is needed by Vocational Education students in Fashion Design and Fashion Trading in Jakarta State University who will conduct Field Work Practices in bridal studios especially traditional bridal studios.

Keyphrases: Bride, clothing, Princess, Yogya

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