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Sustainability and Resilience in Project Management: a Systematic Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 10909

37 pagesDate: September 16, 2023


Systemically investigate sustainability and resilience in this study review. Businesses must accomplish goals, contribute to long-term sustainability, and be resilient as they face complex global issues. This paper synthesises project management's sustainability and resilience aims, methods, outcomes, and recommendations. This systematic review (1) identifies sustainability and resilience themes in project management, (2) evaluates methodologies and approaches, (3) analyses empirical evidence on sustainable and resilient practices, and (4) makes suggestions for practitioners and academics. Methods: A curated collection of peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, and reports was searched across academic databases. A thorough screening process included pertinent studies in data extraction and theme analysis. The collected literature was categorised by sustainability, resilience, project contexts, methodology, and results. Results: The review shows the growing literature on project management sustainability and resilience. Integrating environmental, social, and economic sustainability principles increases project outcomes while reducing impacts. Resilience techniques enable projects to withstand disruptions and adapt to new challenges, ensuring long-term success. The synthesis of the findings proposes many practitioner and researcher recommendations. Project resilience is strengthened through stakeholder collaboration, adaptive architecture, and innovative technology. Organisations should invest in capacity-building and training to implement sustainable and resilient practices. The detailed literature analysis in this research review study improves sustainable and resilient project management discourse. Sustainability and resilience boost project performance and help meet social and environmental goals. Businesses must follow these guidelines to succeed in unpredictable and changing environments.

Keyphrases: capacity building, global challenges, project management, recommendations, Resilience, stakeholder collaboration, Sustainability

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