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An Improved Mathematical Modelling of Directivity for Radial Line Slot Array Antenna

EasyChair Preprint no. 2542, version 2

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12 pagesDate: February 5, 2020


This submission formulates a more realistic mathematical model for directivity evaluations of RLSA antennas. It addresses both the effects of aperture and slots concentrations on the aperture in formulating a precise directivity evaluation relationship looking at the 3dB half power beamwidth (3dB-HPBW) and slot surface area. CST MWS suite’s simulations results of varying aperture and slots sizes were recorded. MATLAB regression tool was used for the computations to obtain a best fit polynomial evaluation equation for the 3dB HPBW in E and H planes respectively. The best fit polynomial was expressed as a function of slots surface area f(A). Results computed were compared with those obtained from previous study and showed 5% directivity evaluations improvement. This affirms that the combine contributions from slots area concentrations and the aperture of an RLSA antenna give a more realistic directivity evaluation than the consideration of only the RLSA aperture.

Keyphrases: Directivity, mathematical modelling, RLSA antenna

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