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Renewal of the Camera Resolution Measurement Software “HYRes”

EasyChair Preprint no. 6713

4 pagesDate: September 27, 2021


This is an explanation on the freeware HYRes IV that has released in March this year. HYRes is a software tool designed by the author, for use in accurately gauging the resolution of a digital camera using a resolution chart compliant with ISO standard. It supports the measurement methods described in both ISO 12233 and CIPA standard DC-003, and conventional two versions HYRes 3.1 and HYRes ACE have already been provided by CIPA and have contributed to the camera industry and users. However, recent PC OS progress has induced them become useless. HYRes IV is the integration of the functions of those two software and has been renewed to run on the latest OS where IV is an abbreviation for the Integrated Version.

Keyphrases: CIPA standard DC-003, digital camera, HYRes, ISO 12233, Mesurement, resolution, software, Visual rsolution

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