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Edge Computing Integration for Low-Latency Cache-Based V2V Broadcasting Systems in Urban Environments

EasyChair Preprint no. 13057

14 pagesDate: April 20, 2024


In urban environments, the demand for low-latency and high-reliability communication systems is paramount for ensuring efficient traffic management and enhancing safety. This abstract explores the integration of edge computing with cache-based Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) broadcasting systems as a solution to address latency challenges and optimize communication in urban settings.

The abstract begins by highlighting the inherent latency issues faced by traditional cache-based V2V broadcasting systems, particularly in densely populated urban areas with high vehicular density and network congestion. It underscores the critical importance of reducing latency to facilitate real-time communication and timely dissemination of critical information among vehicles.

Next, the abstract introduces edge computing as a complementary technology that brings computational resources closer to the network edge, minimizing communication delays and improving responsiveness. By deploying edge computing nodes at strategic locations within the urban infrastructure, cache-based V2V broadcasting systems can offload computation-intensive tasks, such as content caching and dissemination, to the network edge.

The abstract discusses how the integration of edge computing enhances the performance of cache-based V2V broadcasting systems by reducing latency and improving scalability. Edge computing enables localized caching and processing of V2V communication tasks, leading to faster response times and more efficient utilization of network resources

Keyphrases: Cache-based V2V broadcasting, Computational Offloading, content caching, dissemination, Edge Computing, Edge Computing Nodes, efficiency, Emergency Response Coordination, Low latency communication, Network Congestion, real-time communication, Responsive Communication, route optimization, Scalability, Traffic Management, traffic safety, Traffic Updates, urban environments

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