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Analysis on Fault Location of TCSC Lines with Travelling Wave

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6 pagesDate: September 5, 2019


This paper deals with analysis on fault location of TCSC(Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitance) at the existing AC grid in Korea. TCSC is the first project adapted in Korea to compensate real power in case of 765kV lines fault. However, we have some trouble with detect the exact fault location because of series capacitance. If We can precisely know fault location, maintenace crews can reach there quickly, and remove the faults as soon as possible. So, the precise locating of the faulted point on a transmission line is very important to improve the system reliability, and to decrease economic damage as inherent consequece of long term outages. In this paper, aftering making some contrade fils with PSCAD/EMTDC and expressing on the XY graph, we will calculate the fault location using time difference between two ends of line. After analysing with this method, we will adapt the contrade files into the real fault locator. After that, we will analyze errors bewtween calculated results and real data given from real fault locator at fault locations. In conclusion, after verifying the fault locator using the travelling wave method in TCSC lines, we will make an apeal to introduce into real substations in Korea.

Keyphrases: fault locator, TCSC, travelling wave

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