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Factors Influencing the Adoption of Electronic Health Records in the Australian Environment

EasyChair Preprint no. 1329

10 pagesDate: July 22, 2019


With the widespread use of medical records and the subsequent rise in the use of electronic health records (EHRs), the success of their adoption has become an important consideration for health agencies. In the current digital environment, the adoption of EHR has become significant because it limits the use of paper trails, and the care may be more effective because it is based on the electronic transfer of patient information. However, an improvement in the quality of the healthcare service is dependent upon how well EHRs are managed in healthcare as many stakeholders will contribute to them. While the advantages of EHRs are significant and cannot be disputed, a number of concerns have been raised regarding their success, as well as the ways in which they are adopted. The diversity of factors that affect the adoption of EHRs in various contexts requires a comprehensive investigation in order to establish a precise knowledge of their adoption in various healthcare settings. Such identification will help to mitigate many issues in their organisation at policy, workflow efficiency adoption and management levels. In this study, various factors that affect the adoption of EHRs in Australia will be identified and explored so as to arrive at a conceptual model that can be empirically tested later. Considering the vast amount of resources being dedicated to the adoption of EHRs in Australia, identifying barriers to their adoption, especially on an organisational level is essential for its success. Many studies have been conducted to understand barriers to the adoption of EHRs in Australia; however, there have been few studies concentrating on an organisational level in order to explore the challenges and obstacles that face specific organisations.

Keyphrases: Adoption information technology, Electronic Health Records, Healthcare Technology

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