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Production of Microalgae and Oil Palm Based Biodiesel: A Case Study Implementation of Extended Life Cycle Analysis in Indonesia

EasyChair Preprint no. 3962

11 pagesDate: July 28, 2020


This paper will introduce a research regarding microalgae biomass as an environmentally and sustainably alternative biodiesel raw material. The purpose of the research is to compare all production cost variables between microalgae and oil palm biodiesel using production process cycle analysis system of extended life cycle analysis (extended LCA). The use of extended LCA system could possibly accommodate all environmental commodity variables on biodiesel production so that the potensial microalgae biomass which is a renewable, low land use and environmentally sustainable product could be promoted. Values of environmental commodity variables are estimated by employing a willingness to pay (WTP) approach that is referred to the calculation of Environmental Priority Strategy (EPS) Software. The research shows that there is an increase of biodiesel production cost of microalgae and oil palm after the inclusion of their externality variables cost. The biggest biodiesel production cost comes from the stage of fresh fruit bunch biomass production of palm that reaches 49% - 64% of the total cost. Extended LCA analysis concludes that the increase of microalgae and palm biodiesel production cost is about 3% and 18%; respectively. From profitability analysis indicates that biomass input for the production of biodiesel from microalgae is more environmentally sustainable than from oil palm because both technical and non-technical constraints during microalgae biomass production are easier to be taken care. In addition, it is predicted that microalgae will have a significant contribution in the green house gases (GHGs) mitigation by replacing fossil fuel in the future through its role as a biodiesel

Keyphrases: Biodiesel, extended LCA, Micro-algae, palm oil

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