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Incorporating Clinical Decisions into Standardised Caremaps

EasyChair Preprint no. 2745

9 pagesDate: February 21, 2020


Caremaps are a visual representation of the care process that can help clinicians make quick and accurate decisions. However, contemporary caremaps lack a systematic, easy-to-use graphical representation method for care decision points (DPs), which are often missing. This paper addresses this gap by presenting a consistent model and representational notation that easily alerts those using caremaps when a clinical decision must be made. Through analysis of clinical decisions and identification of those that directly impact the path of patient care in the contemporary caremap, this paper extends the well-known formalism of the activity diagram for caremaps. This results in the extended TaSC (e-TaSC) model and notation, which allows caremaps to be modelled allowing systematic visual representation of clinical DPs. The e-TaSC model is evaluated in two case studies: gestational diabetes mellitus and trauma caremaps. In both case studies, e-TaSC enabled systematic consideration and inclusion of clinical DPs at appropriate locations leading to clearer, easier-to-follow and more comprehensive caremaps than found in the literature.

Keyphrases: caremaps, Clinical Decisions, decision points

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