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Intensity of Ground Vibration During the Passage of Trains: A Case Study

EasyChair Preprint no. 3666

6 pagesDate: June 22, 2020


Continuous train induced ground vibration undoubtedly affects the health of nearby buildings and structures. This paper is based on the experimental study carried out along the free field in the transverse direction of the railway track in-between Egoda Uyana and Koralawala railway station (a)to address the safety margin for the building construction and (b) to establish the relationship between the free field ground-borne vibration with the distance in the transverse direction from the railway track. The experiment was carried out by fixing 4 accelerometer devices at 4 locations (3 m, 6 m, 9 m & 12 m) in the transverse direction of the track and monitoring the effects of ground-borne vibration induced by the moving trains on the ground. The experimental data was verified using an additional experimental setup with vibrometer mounted on the ground at 3 m distance from the track centerline and the results have been verified. The data was measured for 27 moving trains in 5 days during the peak hour. In addition to the experiment, the soil properties of the location were identified using the lab tests. The experimental data states that the minimum safe distance to the dwellings from the centerline of the railway track when one train passes at a time is 9.8 m for the ground having similar soil properties and similarly safe distance could be found for other soil types and when two trains cross at a time.

Keyphrases: Accelerometer, Free field vibration, ground-borne vibration, safe distance, Vibrometer

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