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The Demographic Engine: Assessing China's Economic Growth Through Population and Labor Forces

EasyChair Preprint no. 11493

7 pagesDate: December 9, 2023


This study delves into the intricate dynamics between China's economic growth and the driving forces of its vast population and labor resources. China's remarkable economic ascent over recent decades has been characterized by a confluence of demographic factors, making it imperative to assess the extent to which the nation's population and labor force contribute to its economic prosperity. The abstract initiates by recognizing the unique demographic landscape that underlies China's economic success story. With the world's most populous nation, the study explores how the sheer size of China's population acts as a foundation for economic growth, examining the demographic dividends and challenges associated with this immense demographic scale. Central to this exploration is an in-depth analysis of the role played by China's labor force in propelling economic development. The study investigates how the availability, skill levels, and adaptability of the labor force contribute to China's competitiveness on the global stage, assessing the mechanisms through which labor dynamics influence economic growth. Moreover, the abstract delves into policy considerations and initiatives implemented by China to harness the potential of its demographic engine. It scrutinizes how strategic measures, such as educational reforms, workforce development, and urbanization, have been employed to capitalize on the demographic dividends and mitigate potential challenges associated with an aging population.

Keyphrases: China's economic growth, Demographic Dynamics, Demographic Engine

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