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The Physical-Mechanical Properties in Aggressive Media of Epoxy Composite Reinforced with Waste Glass Materials

EasyChair Preprint no. 8426

13 pagesDate: July 10, 2022


The world is evolving toward extending the life of commodities and decreasing waste by recycling. The purpose of this study is to improve resistance of epoxy against the corrosive conditions by reinforcing it with available chemically resistant and low cost materials. Glass wastes was selected to reinforce epoxy with 50% by weight. Four sets of samples were prepared, two sets of samples were made and cured at room temperature, while the others were cured at 50°C for two hours. Each set was made up of both reinforced and unreinforced epoxy. These samples were immersed in different environment (Water, NaOH, HCl, Benzene and Kerosene) to find out the resistance of the epoxy after reinforcing. After immersion for six months, it is found that the composite seems more resistance compared to matrix material alone. Composites reinforced by glass particles show an increase in mechanical properties when compared to elegant epoxy resin.  Density, Vickers hardness and Modulus of elasticity values increased by (31%, 67% and 62%) respectively for composite at room temperature. The resistance was improved after the post curing of unreinforced and reinforced epoxy. The solutions that had highest effect for unreinforced samples at room temperature are (HCl and Water). This indicates that epoxy acquire resistance after reinforcing with glass waste which enables it to be utilize in different applications.

Keyphrases: Aggressive Conditions, Polymer composites, post curing, Recycling

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