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Working of Offline Cloud Storage Using FTP, RDP and RPC with Router

EasyChair Preprint no. 4297

6 pagesDate: September 30, 2020


Now a day’s first the issues is hard drive is the storage technology used which is not secure. Even second issues is Internet usage to store files on cloud. Raspberry pi is the safest devices so this system is proposed to use for security reasons. A hard drive is the hardware component that stores all of your digital content like documents, pictures, music, videos, programs, application preferences, and operating system represent digital content stored on a hard drive. Hard drives can be of two types external or internal. The Raspberry Pi is ease, charge card estimated PC that connects to a PC screen or TV, and utilizations a standard console and mouse. This able little gadget empowers individuals of any age to investigate registering, and to figure out how to program in dialects like Scratch and Python. This system works on two protocols file transfer protocol (FTP), remote desktop protocol (RDP) and remote procedure call (RPC) with router. It works wireless only in same network so it’s secure too. Therefore, I suggest this system to be use for practical purposes. With RDP access, you do not have just what is on the computer; you can copy over files and start an attack anyway. Once you are in, you are in.

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