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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Family Dynamics Worldwide: a Systematic Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 9586

30 pagesDate: January 18, 2023


The COVID-19 pandemic brought about social disruption due to job loss, financial insecurity, social distancing, and confinement. Inevitably, this impacted families as there was significant change in their ability to be productive and to form meaningful relationships. Families’ dynamics have evolved as a result of a longstanding global crisis. This systematic review aims to explore and correlate existing evidence of the impact of COVID 19 pandemic on family dynamics. Qualitative and quantitative studies were identified by way of the PRISMA flow diagram, using search terms including “COVID-19 pandemic,” “family dynamics,” and “family relationship,” in research databases. A total of 31 journals were included in the study. These were appraised using CASP, the JBI critical appraisal tool, and MMAT and significant findings were synthesized by inductive approach. The COVID-19 pandemic produced the most significant effect on the process of communication in family dynamics. It was determined that punitive and neglectful parents had depressed and lonely children, whereas expressive and caring parents had more emotionally stable children. Furthermore, there seemed to be a predominance of negative impact on the families’ communication and organization processes, which focused on the following themes: mental health, financial effects, family routines and interactions, and involuntary isolation. Overall, this systematic review revealed an objective reality: there are positive and negative impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on family dynamics, specifically on the processes of communication, organization, and belief systems. A close-knit and supportive family that fosters emotional support, economic stability, connectedness, and meaning making can overcome pandemic burden. Family-based interventions are necessary to help families cope and adapt.

Keyphrases: Family dynamics, Impact of COVID-19, worldwide

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