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Frame Structures Damage Detection System and Evaluation Method Based on Twist Slit Damper Plastic Energy Dissipation

EasyChair Preprint no. 13405

12 pagesDate: May 21, 2024


After a severe earthquake disaster, the building structure will be seriously dam-aged by the seismic force. Applying plastic energy dissipation of members with IoT functionality is an excellent technique to swiftly assess the structure's remain-ing life. In the previous study, a method to evaluate the cumulative damage degree of steel was proposed through the reverse analysis of the heat generation character-istics of steel plastic deformation. This paper proposes a damage detection system, based on the damper’s plastic energy dissipation. Due to the rigidity of the column, setting dampers directly on the column cannot effectively exert its function. By setting columns both ends of which are hinged in the frame and installing knee dampers on them, it is possible to evaluate the drift angle and damage degree of the frame structure better. We place this damage detection system in the loading frame to apply static cyclic loads. With the drift angle as the target, the inverse analysis of the temperature rise which is measured by sensors caused by a damper in plastic deformation can be carried out, and the drift angle of the frame structure can be calculated. This damage detection system can display in real time the drift angle, the col-umn foot's cumulative plastic damage, and the instant when the plastic hinge first appears.

Keyphrases: Internet of Things, Plastic thermal behavior, Seismic disaster, Steel framed structure, Structural Health Monitoring

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