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Revisiting the Mosaic of the Masks on Delos: a Comprehensive Condition Survey

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9 pagesDate: June 19, 2024


A condition survey was conducted on the 'Mosaic of the Masks' located in the homonymous Hellenistic house on Delos to reassess its condition twenty years after conservation efforts. This mosaic adorns the central symposium room and comprises a central geometric carpet with a 3D cube pattern, along with figurative bands featuring theatrical masks and floral motifs. Extensive and drastic conservation treatment was applied to the central carpet, involving its detachment in sections and reinstallation on a new, purpose-built setting bed, while the peripheral sections were preserved in situ. The particularly poor state of preservation necessitated thorough research into the weathering processes and the factors affecting its condition. Investigation into the archival records, the original constituents, conservation materials and past conservation interventions were conducted to better understand the deterioration processes. Photogrammetric methods were employed in the study and documentation of surface geometry, while the cohesion of the substrate was examined through acoustic tapping. Environmental monitoring throughout a full year provided insights into the weathering factors at play. SEM-EDS and XRD analyses enabled the characterization of constituent materials, manufacturing techniques and weathering products, offering clues about the deterioration processes.

Keywords: Hellenistic mosaics, Delos, condition survey, documentation, photogrammetry, SEM-EDS, XRD.

Keyphrases: anthropogenic damage, condition assessment, Delos, Hellenistic mosaics, past interventions

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