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Exploring Quantum Roads: Simulating Electron Transport in Cutting-Edge Devices

EasyChair Preprint no. 11995

8 pagesDate: February 9, 2024


In this article, we delve into the realm of quantum mechanics to explore the intricate behavior of electron transport in state-of-the-art devices. With the continual miniaturization of electronic components, understanding electron behavior at the quantum level is becoming increasingly crucial for the development of next-generation technologies. We discuss the challenges posed by quantum effects such as tunneling and interference in modern devices, and how advanced simulation techniques offer insights into these phenomena. Through computational modeling, we analyze electron trajectories, energy dissipation, and device performance, providing valuable guidance for device design and optimization. By bridging the gap between theory and experimentation, this research contributes to the advancement of quantum electronics and paves the way for novel devices with enhanced functionality and efficiency.

Keyphrases: computational modeling, device optimization, device simulation, electron transport, Interference, Quantum electronics, quantum mechanics, Tunneling

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