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Switched Inductor Quazi Switched boost Converter for the Nano-Grid Applications

EasyChair Preprint no. 1733

6 pagesDate: October 21, 2019


Each commercial and residential buildings energy management system can be efficiently/ economically realized by integration of the solar photovoltaics (acting as the renewable power generator), battery energy storage system (ESS) along with the power electronic converters. The switched boost converters are the attractive solutions for the nano-grid applications where with a single stage operation, voltage boost, storage in battery and simultaneously inversion to the required AC voltage levels can be achieved. Here, a novel switched inductor Quasi switched boost converter is proposed. The proposed converter can operate in different modes such as multiple inputs and multiple outputs for the battery storage, PV and the load. The proposed converter reduces the shoot through requirement and improves the modulation index by increasing the gain of the DC-DC stage. The benefits of the proposed converter are: 1) high gain during PV to BESS mode, 2) high modulation index for the DC-AC stage, 3) continuous input current, 4) reduced shoot-through time which reduces the current ripple, 5) high efficiency and 6) increased reliability. The different operating modes to achieve these benefits are also presented in this paper. The detailed mathematical modelling of the proposed converter is carried out. MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation results which validates the benefits with proposed converter are given. Experimental results are obtained by developing a 120W prototype in the laboratory.

Keyphrases: Nano grid., Photovoltaic systems, Pulse Width Modulation, Shoot through duty cycle

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