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Metamorphosis in the Magnitude of Qualitative Research Acquisition

EasyChair Preprint no. 4815

8 pagesDate: December 28, 2020


Writing a report always makes some ways to understand some basic features of assigned responsibilities or agenda, which are determined to develop a mission putting vision forward. Professor Markus Schuckert, a visionary person-in-charge of teaching qualitative research at SHTM, PolyU, has brought metamorphosis in my magnitude of research acquisition. Besides, his directorship with qualitative behaviour, full of life and academic motivation of the research, has brightened the future of research world, where other PhD aspirants and I will be contributing to the development of the society with maximum impact. The current report aims to reflect my critical thought and reasoning gained from Qualitative Research Methods for Hotel and Tourism Management that I went through as my PhD Compulsory Coursework. By adopting first-person narrative and soliloquy method1, the current reflection has made some comments, shared experience and feeling by asking self-question and answers focused on class lecture and academic pamphlets. In the end, the story has proposed some recommendations for future tutorial implication.

Keyphrases: Hotel and Tourism Management, qualitative research, soliloquy method

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