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Mathematical-Logistic Model of Integrated Production Structure of Food Production

EasyChair Preprint no. 4177

9 pagesDate: September 13, 2020


The article is devoted to the formation of a technological-logistic model of the integrated structure of food production. The main goal of corporate structure management is the integration of all its constituent units for the fulfillment of the mission, which ensures achievement of the set goals. The main purpose of modeling is to show how the intermediate links-enterprises are logically formed the target object. A mathematical formulation of the problem of choosing optimal capacities and rational location of enterprises, as well as minimum costs for transportation of raw materials, is proposed. A complex mathematical model for planning the production of agricultural raw materials and processing it into ready-made food products in the system "agricultural sector - provision / primary processing - food industry enterprises" was formed. Models of the logistic organization of integrated food production are based on the principles of rational organization of the technological chain and are characterized by: complexity, universality, differentiation of the approach; specialization. The developed mathematical models allow planning and programming of the development processes of the integrated food production system, assessing the impact of changes in the parameters of the system, and adjusting plans. With the help of Statgraphics, Statistica, Excel software and having as a basis an array of enterprise data, it is possible to plan and program the development processes of an integrated food production system, assess the impact of changes in system parameters, make adjustments to plans. The models make it possible to specify the technological complex of work and the need for raw materials, provide an opportunity to establish boundaries between complexes of works of individual companies and, in general, the responsibility of the entire corporate structure.

Keyphrases: agrarian sector, economic-mathematical modeling, food industry, integrated production, Logistic model

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