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Symmetric 3dB Filtering Power Divider with Equal Output Power Ratio for Communication Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 3084

4 pagesDate: March 31, 2020


This paper presents a two-way filtering power divider (FPD) with an equal output power ratio of 1:1. This implies that each of the FPD output port would receive 50% of the power at the input port. To achieve miniaturisation, a common square open-loop resonator is used to distribute energy between the two integrated Chebyshev bandpass filters. In addition to distributing energy, the common resonator also contributes one pole to each integrated bandpass filter (BPF), hence, reducing the number of individual resonating elements used in achieving the integrated FPD. To demonstrate the proposed design technique, a prototype FPD centred at 2.6 GHz with a 3 dB fractional bandwidth of 3% is designed, simulated and presented. The circuit model and microstrip layout results of the FPD show good agreement. The microstrip layout simulation responses show that a less than 1.1dB insertion loss and a greater than 16.5dB in-band return loss were achieved. The overall footprint of the integrated FPD is 37mm by 13mm (i.e. 0.32λg x 0.11λg, for λg = guided-wavelength of the 50Ω microstrip line at 2.6 GHz). The integrated FPD reported in this paper shows some promising merits when compared to similar devices recently reported in literature.

Keyphrases: 3dB, bandpass filter, equal power divider, Microstrip, resonator, two-way

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