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Advanced Electric Vehicle Charging Station

EasyChair Preprint no. 2934

4 pagesDate: March 11, 2020


This project focuses on implementing electric vehicle charging stations with ready to use replaceable batteries at affordable time and cost. An alarming rate of global warming and climate change is posing threat to planet earth, green energy is always in demand. Electric vehicles are a sure solution for cutting down toxic exhausts from ever increasing automobile population. Through this project we are trying to implement a battery swapping system for electric vehicles at charging stations to cut down time of charging and increase availability of energy. An EV is supposed to enter a charging station with options of AC charging, DC quick charging and ready to use rechargeable battery. Existing and going to be implemented charging stations are main targets of this project. An automatic battery swapping mechanism between vehicle and charging stations with much lesser time than complete filling fuel tank is aimed. To meet daily demand of public a software application is also planned for searching availability and booking of charged batteries at nearby stations en route using mobile application.

Keyphrases: Battery swapping, electric vehicle, Swapping Station Manager, Telecommunication Interface

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