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Semantic Shifts in the Samoyedic Basic Vocabulary and Their Parallels. 1. Sun, Day

EasyChair Preprint no. 9308

9 pagesDate: November 11, 2022


This paper is a part of the series which investigate cases of semantic shifts and proto-language polysemy in the basic vocabulary of the Samoyedic languages. This research focuses on the shifts which have analogies in Turkic and Tungusic languages, identified with the help of semantic reconstruction. Special maps were created on LingvoDoc linguistic platform in order to demonstrate areas of similar polysemy and semantic shifts, possibly contact-induced. Using materials from archival and expeditionary dictionaries, the paper proposes a detailed account of the available lexicon of the Samoyed languages within the scope of core lexicon. Our results show 15 semantic shifts in the form of polysemy, semantic evolution and cognates. The present paper investigates polysemy ‘sun, day’ in Samoyed, Turkic and Tungusic languages.

Keyphrases: basic vocabulary, contact-induced change, semantic shift, the Samoyed languages, the Tungusic languages, the Turkic languages

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