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Smart Device Based Application for Rod Determination in Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery

4 pagesPublished: June 13, 2017


In orthopaedic spine surgery pedicle screw systems are used for stabilisation of the spine after injuries or disorders. With an percutaneous operation method surgeons are faced with huge challenges compared to an open surgery, but it`s less traumatic and the patient benefits with a faster rehabilitation and less traumatic injuries. The screw positions and the required rod dimensions for the stabilizing connection between the screws are hard to define without an open view on the operating field. Because of these facts a new smart device based system for rod shape determination was invented. Therefore, an application was developed, which integrates a localizer module to get the position data of the pedicle screws, with help of rigid bodies placed on top of the pedicle screws down-tubes. An algorithm was developed to choose the best fitting rod to connect the pedicle screws with help of calculating the rod length and the rod radius. The system was tested in a test scenario where four pedicle screws were drilled into a wooden plate. The positions of the screws were adjusted to fit a curved and a straight rod. In the test scenario the application chose always the rod correctly.

Keyphrases: computer aided surgery, pedicle screw, rod determination, smart device

In: Klaus Radermacher and Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena (editors). CAOS 2017. 17th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery, vol 1, pages 58--61

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