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Everything's Bigger in Texas: "The Largest Math Proof Ever"

5 pagesPublished: October 19, 2017


Progress in satisfiability (SAT) solving has enabled answering long-standing open questions in mathematics completely automatically resulting in clever though potentially gigantic proofs. We illustrate the success of this approach by presenting the solution of the Boolean Pythagorean triples problem. We also produced and validated a proof of the solution, which has been called the “largest math proof ever”. The enormous size of the proof is not important. In fact a shorter proof would have been preferable. However, the size shows that automated tools combined with super computing facilitate solving bigger problems. Moreover, the proof of 200 terabytes can now be validated using highly trusted systems, demonstrating that we can check the correctness of proofs no matter their size.

In: Christoph Benzmüller, Christine Lisetti and Martin Theobald (editors). GCAI 2017. 3rd Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence, vol 50, pages 1--5

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