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Diagnosing Alternative Facts

10 pagesPublished: January 6, 2018


This paper presents an approach to applying model-based diagnosis to the task of interpreting in- formation from a wide variety of sources: text, video, meta-data, audio, etc. Much of the information contained in the sources is contradictory, incomplete, purposely deceptive or biased. People make critical decisions based on such murky information. By automating the construction of alternatives, we can design systems that support intelligence analysts and ordinary citizens in understanding the world. We have developed a preliminary version of our HCDX tool (hypothesis construction through diagnosis). We plan to distribute this tool as open source.

Keyphrases: disambiguating knowledge, knowledge representation, model-based diagnosis

In: Marina Zanella, Ingo Pill and Alessandro Cimatti (editors). 28th International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX'17), vol 4, pages 159--168

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