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A Corpus-Attested View of Business English Metaphors

15 pagesPublished: November 28, 2016


Louw’s (2009) idea to create a corpus-attested dictionary of literary terms may initially involve analysing uncontested examples of irony, antithesis and the like, in corpus terms. The paper analyses non-literal expressions in a Guardian business text against the background of the corpus-attested definition of metaphor, arrived at through the detailed analysis of two metaphors in Yeats’s ‘The Circus Animals’ Desertion’ by means of Louw’s Contextual Prosodic Theory (CPT) (Milojkovic 2016). Given that the delexical expressions in the Guardian text are not meant to convey any meanings other than explicit, and that their relexicalisation may be achieved only through other delexical expressions, the paper suggests that they be called delexical rather than metaphorical.

Keyphrases: Contextual Prosodic Theory, corpus stylistics, corpus-attested definitions, literary terms, metaphor

In: Antonio Moreno Ortiz and Chantal Pérez-Hernández (editors). CILC2016. 8th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics, vol 1, pages 283--297

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