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Simple Answers to Difficult Issues about Learning and Learners Internationally at pK-12 Levels

10 pagesPublished: February 12, 2020


The traditional educational model was designed in the industrial age of the 20th century. That model is outdated for various reasons. This paper is introducing a case study of a project, "The S-Cool Days Program," which applies new routines to reframe those aspects. The introduction of the Program does not require significant changes in the curriculum, can be realized in Art and Music classes, or as a homeroom activity in advisory class.
The Program was implemented in Europe, in two countries, in 3 different school types, one American School, a School Start-up and a traditional public school. The activities are introduced by creative art and craft sessions, are engaging enough to invite students to present their passion projects in the classroom, to take the first steps towards purpose-driven learning, learn how to focus on monitoring and expressing of emotions, among other things.
The goal is to have some school habits reframed, that results in mindset change. New values are introduced and through them, the class is transformed into a comfort zone for students to envision and follow their dreams. The expected changes can be realized by easy-to-do new routines, which maintain the newly introduced behaviors. The Program supports the 4C's; the 21st-century skills education is supposed to focus on: the creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.
As visualized on social maps, the research realized before and after the Project shows changes in the social relations of the participating classes after the new routines were introduced. New mutual common choices were emerging in all participating grades, classes. The paper shares insights from participating teachers, how they felt in and after the Program, what changes did they identify in the classroom.

Keyphrases: a case study of 3 successful pilot projects, a self-maintaining and sustainable approach, Bullying Prevention, children start advancing their potential, create a value based classroom environment, different socio-economic background of the kids, feedback of the participating teachers, learning takes place in a framework of values, Mind Age, sociometry a tool that measures transformation in class, successful value creation, the school system, two countries 3 different types of schools, vocationally focused education

In: Claudia Urrea (editor). Proceedings of the MIT LINC 2019 Conference, vol 3, pages 122--131

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