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Improving SAT Solver Performance with Structure-based Preferential Bumping

13 pagesPublished: October 19, 2017


We present a method we call structure-based preferential bumping,
as a low-cost way to exploit formula structure in VSIDS-based SAT solvers.
We show that the Glucose SAT solver, when modified with preferential bumping
of certain easily identified structurally important variables,
out-performs unmodified Glucose on the industrial formulas
from recent SAT solver competitions.

Keyphrases: Bridge variables, CDCL, centrality, community structure, Industrial Formulas, VSIDS

In: Christoph Benzmüller, Christine Lisetti and Martin Theobald (editors). GCAI 2017. 3rd Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence, vol 50, pages 175--187

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