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Multiple Ant Colony Optimization for Single Depot Multiple Trip Vehicle Routing Problems

12 pagesPublished: July 28, 2014


The multiple trip vehicle routing problem involves several sequences of routes. Working shift of single vehicle can be scheduled in multiple trips. It is suitable for urban areas where the vehicle has very limited size and capacity over short travel distances. The size and capacity limit also requires the vehicle should be vacated frequently. As a result, the vehicle could be used in different trips as long as the total time or distance is not exceeded. Various approaches are developed to solve the vehicle routing problem (VRP). Except for the simplest cases, VRP is always a computationally complex issue in order to optimize the objective function in terms or both time and expense. Ant colony optimization (ACO) has been introduced to solve the vehicle routing problem. The multiple ant colony system is proposed to search for alternative trails between the source and destination so as to minimize (fuel consumption, distance, time) among numerous geographically scattered routes. The objective is to design adaptive routing so as to balance loads among congesting city networks and to be adaptable to connection failures. As the route number increases, each route becomes less densely packed. It can be viewed as the vehicle scheduling problem with capacity constraints. The proposed scheme is applied to typical cases of vehicle routing problems with a single depot and flexible trip numbers. Results show feasibility and effectiveness of the approach.

Keyphrases: combinatorial optimization, Multiple Ant Colony Optimization, Multiple-trip vehicle routing problem

In: Irina Virbitskaite and Andrei Voronkov (editors). PSI 2014. Ershov Informatics Conference, vol 23, pages 43--54

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