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Making Automatic Theorem Provers more Versatile

5 pagesPublished: November 8, 2017


We argue that automatic theorem provers should become more versatile and should be able to tackle problems expressed in richer input formats. Salient research directions include (i) developing tight combinations of SMT solvers and first-order provers; (ii) adding better handling of theories in first-order provers; (iii) adding support for inductive proving; (iv) adding support for user-defined theories and functions; and (v) bringing to the provers some basic abilities to deal with logics beyond first-order, such as higher-order logic.

Keyphrases: combinations, deduction modulo, first-order, higher-order, SMT, theories

In: Giles Reger and Dmitriy Traytel (editors). ARCADE 2017. 1st International Workshop on Automated Reasoning: Challenges, Applications, Directions, Exemplary Achievements, vol 51, pages 11--15

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