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Implementation of a Solver to Simulate Industrial Galvanization

3 pagesPublished: February 16, 2023


In this work, we build a novel numerical approach to investigate the behaviour of the coating flow in the process of hot-dip galvanization. The latter involves a strong interaction between a liquid film transported by a moving strip and a high speed gas jet. The solver combines a high-fidelity model for the gas jet with a simplified model for the liquid film. The high-fidelity model is a solver that resolves the gas jet flow in OpenFOAM, an open- source CFD software built from C++ libraries. The model for the liquid film is an in-house finite volume solver implemented in Python. The communication between both models is handled with the plug-in coupling software preCICE.

Keyphrases: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Hot-dip galvanization, Multiphysics solver, reduced order models, two-phase flows

In: Alvaro Leitao and Lucía Ramos (editors). Proceedings of V XoveTIC Conference. XoveTIC 2022, vol 14, pages 167--169

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