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Privacy in EasyChair

This web page describes how we use your personal and conference data.

1. Use of Personal Information by Conference Organizers

We collect data that is normally required by conference organizers. This is your name, email address, address for correspondence, Web page, country, affiliation, or phone number.

2. Cross-Conference Data

We do not pass any personal cross-conference data. For example, when you submit a paper, we will not pass information on whether this or a similar paper has been submitted before or in parallel. We will never pass any information about reviewing in one conference to organizers of another conference, even if both are different instances of the same conference series.

Note, however, that we cannot prevent conference organizers from passing this information.

3. Use of Personal Information by EasyChair

This section covers our policy on handling your data for uses other than the use by conference organizers as described in Sections 1 and 2. Exceptions to this policy are described in Section 4.

  1. We do not sell, distribute, or pass your personal data to any organization.
  2. We do not access data of any conference that uses EasyChair. Our policy is that the only persons who have access to this data are those persons who have access to it as a consequence of their use of EasyChair. For example, if we store a review on a submission for a conference, only the following people will have access to this review:
    1. the reviewer who wrote the review;
    2. the chairs of the conference;
    3. the program committee member who is handling the review;
    4. all program committee members to which the chairs give access to the review;
    5. the authors of the submission if the chairs decide to send the review to the authors, and only after the review has been sent to the authors.

4. Abuse of Services Provided by EasyChair.

We reserve a right to interfere in conference management or access personal or conference information in the following cases:

  1. We have reports on a substantial abuse of EasyChair, for example (a) its use for sending unsolicited email not related to the intended use or (b) use of the EasyChair submission facilities for anything different from its intended use by conference organizers.
  2. Our security features report on attacks on EasyChair or on repeated attempts to access data in unauthorized ways

In any such case of reported abuse our interference in conference management or personal information will only be exercised to the extent required to investigate the problem.