Tetiana Shkoda
Affiliation: Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman
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Tetiana Shkoda

Doctor of Economic Sciences (2018), PhD in Economics (2007). Scholar of the Lane Kirkland Scholarships Program (2013-2014 academic year) at Warsaw School of Economics, Scholar of the OeAD Scholarship for Postdocs at Vienna University of Economics and Business (February-July 2019). Currently she holds the position of Associate Professor of Chair of Socioeconomics and Personnel Management, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, Kyiv, Ukraine. She has got practical experience in the field of human capital management and project management: she worked at the training specialist position in the international consulting firm Deloitte and at the project manager position in National Bar Association of Ukraine. She is a team member of two Erasmus+ projects ITE-VET and PAGOSTE. She took part in the international scientific and practical conferences in Cambridge, UK (2012), Cracow, Poland (2014), Lublin‑Nałęczów, Poland (2012), ZZL, Poznań, Poland (2015), Vienna, Austria (2012), Vilnius, Lithuania (2012), Sukces w zarządzaniu kaframi, Wrocław, Poland (2016), ZZL, Ryn, Poland (2019) etc. Her scientific interests are connected with problems of human capital management, coaching, and social responsibility.